Cedar wood is a gorgeous wood flooring option that is a popular choice for Willow Glen homes. This classic looking and inexpensive option for wood flooring could be just the ticket for your home.

To help you learn more about cedar flooring, the team at Floor Coverings International South Bay has put together a handy guide. Keep reading and discover your dream floors today!

cedar wood flooring bedroomIntroducing Cedar Wood

Cedar is a fine-grained wood and it has a light brown to reddish brown color. In comparison to other wood flooring options, cedar is a much softer, with a ranking of 900 on the Janka hardness scale. The smell of Cedar is notably pleasant and cedar oil is used in perfumes as a fragrance note that is soft, woody, and camphor-like.

Benefits of Cedar Wood Flooring

Cedar has a very attractive, somewhat rustic appearance. Most varieties of cedar, such as red juniper, are light red in color, but some cedar species are extremely pale, such as eastern white cedar. Cedar wood also holds stains and finishes very well, making it a stylistically flexible flooring choice for homeowners

Cedar is relatively inexpensive and eco-friendly compared to other wood flooring options. There are many types of cedar trees that are native to North America, which cuts down on shipping, lowering costs as well as carbon emissions! Cedar trees, like most other soft woods, are very fast growing which makes cedar wood a highly renewable resource.

The woodsy and clean scent of cedar makes this wood a great option for rooms where relaxation is key. Bedrooms are the perfect spaces for cedar flooring because the softness of the wood and its aromatic nature are ideal for creating a comfy and relaxing environment

Some Considerations

Cedar is a softer wood so it’s not recommended for high-traffic areas of the home. This wood is best for low-traffic rooms, such as bedrooms, guest rooms, and home offices.

One issue that can arise with cedar flooring is pest control. In some instances, beetles can invade a cedar wood floor. To prevent this, make sure that you choose a cedar flooring option that is labeled as “pest resistant,” and coordinate with a pest control company to pre-treat your floors and avoid any issues.

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