Hardwood is always a popular choice for homes in the South Bay, where timeless design reigns supreme. In particular, local homeowners are drawn to mahogany hardwood because of its rich color and trusted durability. With a little help from Floor Coverings International South Bay, you can find out if mahogany hardwood is right for your South Bay flooring needs.

mahogany hardwood south bayMeet Mahogany Hardwood

Mahogany wood is relatively smooth and naturally free of nicks and dents. In addition, Mahogany trees tend to have wide girths, producing larger than average planks of wood. Taken together, these two characteristics make mahogany a traditional choice for the crafting of fine furniture.

The trees from which mahogany is sourced are native to the Americas and the West Indies. Some pre-colonial populations actually used mahogany wood as a canoe building material. Mahogany was a logical choice for boat building because of its durability and natural resistance to wood-rot.

mahogany hardwood floor south bayBenefits of Mahogany Hardwood Floors

Mahogany hardwood is probably best known for its gorgeous, reddish-brown hue and its subtle but distinctive pattern of graining. The attractive appearance of mahogany is beneficial from a design perspective, but this classic beauty has more to offer than good looks.

Mahogany is harder than other varieties of hardwood flooring. For instance, mahogany is much harder than other common hardwood flooring options, such as oak. This means that mahogany is more resistant to scratching and dents than the average hardwood. Although mahogany flooring is a luxury product, it’s actually durable enough to last for decades, even in high-traffic homes.

Another great thing about mahogany is that it resists the negative effects of excessive heat and moisture. Planks of mahogany wood are typically cut from quartered logs which makes mahogany plank floors less susceptible to warping.

dark mahogany hardwood south baySome Considerations

Finally, we have some quick tips to help guide your hardwood flooring decision:

  • Mahogany floors are resistant to fading. In fact, they will darken slightly with prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • Mahogany is not cheap, but a mahogany hardwood floor will last generations if it’s properly cared for!
  • On that note, don’t be fooled by cheap mahogany imposters. Many flooring products are falsely marketed as mahogany.
  • DIY and mahogany absolutely do not mix. The hardness of mahogany makes it very difficult to work with. Call a professional!

Get Mahogany Hardwood Floors!

Choose the timeless durability of mahogany for your South Bay home. Call the team at Floor Coverings International South Bay today and schedule your free, in-home design consultation today. We proudly serve Los Gatos, Willow Glen, Almaden Valley, and the San Jose Area.

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