Rubber flooring is a great choice for many rooms in your home, from basements to playrooms to home gyms. The team at Floor Coverings International South Bay has all the details for you, right here.

Introducing Rubber Flooring

Remember that old playground song, “I am rubber you are glue; whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you?” Well, rubber flooring might not vanquish your enemies, but this bouncy flooring option is the secret weapon for protecting your family from the hard knocks of traditional flooring options.

rubber flooring for gymBenefits of Rubber Flooring

Rubber is a resilient and durable material for flooring. It is resistant to stains and just about impervious to liquid. This makes rubber very easy to clean with soap and water, although acid and oil-based cleaners should not be used on this material.

As you can probably guess, the biggest benefits of rubber (other than durability) are comfort and safety. Rubber is strong but it also feels soft and yielding underfoot. It is easy on the joints and relatively safe to take a tumble on, making rubber especially beneficial for the elderly and small children! Many textured styles of rubber are also available, adding extra grip to actively prevent falls.

Safe and easy to clean rubber flooring is commonly installed in basements, rec rooms, playrooms, and home gyms. These rooms are all functional, no-frills spaces where physical activity and play commonly occur. Rooms such as these are the perfect fit for rubber flooring.

rubber flooring playroomTypes of Rubber

Rubber flooring is commonly sold in tile form. Tile is easy to install and easy to replace when just one area of the installation gets damaged. Sheet style rubber is also available, and this type of rubber flooring will have extra water-resistance. This is because sheet rubber doesn’t have any seams or cracks for water to enter.

The rubber that is used to make tile and sheet flooring can be broken down into two categories:

  • Natural rubber is a type of latex derived from the sap of rubber trees. This is the classic choice, but out of the box, the virgin rubber will have a noticeable odor. This smell will fade over time, but it might irritate some homeowners.
  • Recycled rubber is an eco-friendly option made from repurposed materials such as automobile tires! These recycled materials are melted down and reformed into tile and sheet for flooring use. This earth-conscious process can create a super strong rubber that is even more durable than the virgin material!

textured rubber flooringSome Considerations

But is it good looking? That’s usually the elephant in the room when it comes to rubber flooring. Much like leathery elephant skin (no offense Dumbo), many homeowners assume that rubber looks, well, dull and rubbery.

Twenty years ago, such assumptions were correct as rubber flooring was only available in a few, not so attractive colors. But these days, rubber comes in beautiful patterns and multi-colored hues. For traditionalists, rubber is also available in faux stone and tile styles that are surprisingly sleek.

Rubber Flooring For Your Home

To learn more about rubber flooring and other fabulous flooring options for your local home, call the team at Floor Coverings International South Bay today. We serve Los Gatos, Willow Glen, Almaden Valley, and the San Jose Area. Our mobile showroom will bring the flooring options right to you!

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